Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy (NIDA)

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nareenoot Damrongchai

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nareenoot Damrongchai

                                                                                                Administrative Position: Deputy Dean for Planning and Development Affairs

Nareenoot Damrongchai specializes in Japanese Studies, Disaster Management and Sustainable Development. After participating in many cross-cultural activities and international programs, studying and working in Japan for approximately ten years, she has an acute understanding of socio-cultural differences, especially Japanese culture. In addition to her former career which was focused on international cooperation, she also has a strong understanding of the grassroots from her experience in the local field surveys and contact with various organizations and NGOs. She participated in many significant academic works in national level such as being an Anti- Corruption Committee, an expert for brainstorming focus on the topic of “Education Context and Thai’s Civics” since 2014. She has been invited as a lecturer on “Cross-Culture Management Training” for Mizuho Bank, Bangkok Branch. Besides, her researches on Japanese Studies, Disaster Management and Sustainable Development includes, 3 Elements and 1 Tool to the Success of Japanese Disaster Preparedness, Transition of Japanese Social Values Since World War II: A Generational Theory Approach, Bousai Kyouiku: Disaster Education in Japan, A Model for Sustainable Development in Thai Communities under the Sufficiency Economy Concept,  Mitigating Crisis by an Effective Communication Approach: A Case Study of Thailand's 2011 Great Flood, etc.



Doctoral Degree:     Doctoral Degree: Ph.D. in History and Area Studies from Hokkaido University, Japan

Master Degree:        Master Degree: M.A. in Behavioral Science from Hokkaido University, Japan

Bachelor’s Degree:  Bachelor’s Degree: Faculty of Arts in Japanese Section (2nd Honor) from Chulalongkorn University


»  Japanese Studies

»  Disaster Management

»  Sustainable Development




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