Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy

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  Academic Position Name Last name Specializtion
1 Associate professor Dr. Nareenoot Damrongchai Japanese Studies (Social and Culture)
          Disaster Management
          Sustainable Management
2 Professor Dr. Duangduen Bhanthumnavin Psychology : Research Methodology and Development Interventions
          Social Psychology and Behavioral Science
          Traning the traninees for Strengtgening Psychological Characteristics, work and Moral behavior
3 Associate professor Dr. Duchduen Bhanthumnavin Psycho-Behavioral Science
          Social Support
          Leadership and Organization Development
          Psychological Sufficiency
          Training to Strengthen Psychological Characteristics and Moral
          Data Analysis by LISREL and Mplus
4 Associate professor Dr. Phichai Ratnatilaka Na Bhuket Politics
          Public Administration
          Social Development Administration
          Social Philosophy Science
          Policy and Project Evaluation
5 Professor Dr. Somsak  Sammukkeetham Conflict Management of Public Participation
          Development Ethics
          Leadership and Change Management
          Third-Party Public Management with Social Development
6 Assistant professor Dr. Suvicha Pouaree ASEAN Studies
          Social Development Administration
          Politics and Development Strategy
          Politicsof Social Policy-Making
          Strategic Planning and Management
          Local Politics and Development Strategy
7 Assistant professor Dr. Li Renliang Chinese Studies
          ASEAN Community Studies
          International Relations
          Public Policy
8 Assistant professor Dr. Awae Masae Rural and Agrarian Development
          Development Theory and Concept
          People’s Participation in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management
          Quantitative Research in Social and Environmental Development
          Well-being Concept and Sustainable Rural Livelihood
9 Assistant professor Dr. Ratiporn Teungfung Population and Social Research
          Quantitative Research
          Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
          Population and Development
          Social Development
          Knowledge Management
          Social Impact Assessment