Graduate School of Social Development and Management Strategy (NIDA)

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Prof.Siwatt Pongpiachan was interviewed by ThaiPBS FB Live in Don't Panic program with the topic of "Collaboration for PM2.5 Solving with Being an Active Citizen". 23 November 2020 132
Prof.Dr.Siwatt Pongpiachan joined to make a statement for the dust pollution problem's preparation at Pollution Control Department. 18 November 2020 94
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phichai Ratnatilaka joined in the third parliament public forum with the agenda of "politics conflict problems how to be resolved by the parliament?". 18 November 2020 104
Asst.Prof.Dr.Li Renliang performed as a lecturer with the topic of "US.vs China Trade War(proxy war):impact for Thailand and the world". 18 November 2020 168
Prof.Dr.Siwatt Pongpiachan joined with the press event of "Active Citizen & Prime Mover". 18 November 2020 127
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phichai Ratnatilaka was interviewed by PPTV HD 36 Live focus on the topic of "Calling for listening to the protests in order to get change peacefully". 18 November 2020 135
Prof.Dr.Siwatt Pongpiachan participated in the academic forum named Disaster Communication Development Center 5th Nov 2020. 18 November 2020 100
Mr.Pitak Korkiat (Yala's G.3),Mayor of Pattani District joined the meeting with the agenda of water system improvement. 18 November 2020 113
Ms.Patimoh Sadeeyamu (Yala's Alumni G.12) was interviewed by FM92 Mhz Radio Thailand about Yala story telling. 18 November 2020 130
Asst.Prof.Dr.Suvicha Pouaree led the second generation PDS's Students to go for the field trip at Ban Lum Rang SAO, Borploy district, Kanchanaburi. 18 November 2020 122


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